Wooden Boat Festival


It was a joy to see all the beautiful, hand-built wooden boats, many with exotic woods from all over the world. There were everything from tiny dinghies to tall ships, most being sailing craft. The flags and masts created a colorful patchwork against the sky:


The attention to detail on these ships was an inspiration to those of us with our own craft:

Here's an old salt on an old ship. Check out the girth of those masts!

There were even hand-built steamboats, for creatures large and small:

The lighter side: This woodcarver's figurehead is a caricature of a plump lady with glasses, holding a fish! And this little fellow is another sort of figurehead.

Here, the Aussie Air Force's "Roulettes" fly in formation above the wharf buildings. These are prop planes, so there are no sonic booms, and they fly slowly enough that you can enjoy their maneuvers: